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2018 USATF Masters Outdoor M55 400m Champion

2018 USATF Masters Outdoor M55 400m Champion

David Pitts is a 400m track star. He won the event in 54.58 at the 2018 USATF Masters Outdoor Championships in Spokane, Washington in the 55-59 age division. David trained using the 400m/800m training program to prepare for the event, which was his first competition in 35 years! He is ranked #1 in the world in the M55 division for the 400m and plans to compete in 2019.

100m Bicycle Wheelie World Record (10.86)

100m bicycle wheelie world record

Don’t be confused by the bike in the photo. Richard Flanagan is a track star in disguise. He is a Guinness World Record holder of the fastest bicycle wheelie over 100m from a stand-still start (not rolling). To assist Richard in his 100m world record wheelie time, he trained using our 100m/200m training program and did the sprint training on his bike (wheelie style). Richard was able to produce faster weekly results until he was able to consistently break the previous record. Then, on October 1st of 2017, he officially clocked a record breaking 10.86 seconds to earn himself a Guinness World Record in the 100m. Richard also holds the longest wheelie on a bicycle in 1 hour (16.1 miles).