Simple ab workouts

Ever seen a hot track athlete without their shirt off?  I know what you’re thinking, cue the complimentary wolf whistle.  Most of the time we notice their six pack abs first before we move on to complement another part of their body.  The reason why most people notice their abs is because there is a good chance that these people don’t have them.  Its also quite possible that those who do not have six pack abs might not be doing enough in their ab workouts to get the glorious looking washboard abs they are looking for.

When we see hot elite track athletes without their shirt on, not only do we see great abs, but we also see an entire physique that represents fitness at its finest.  What does this mean?  Well it means a lot of things, but the basic principle is that washboard abs are not made just from ordinary ab workouts. 

To be fair, the reason why we see a hot track athlete’s six pack abs is because they are doing both track workouts and ab workouts.  When they do the combination of track workouts with various ab exercises, they are burning calories and are able to reduce their fat tissue which then allows for muscles to be more noticeable.  When the track athlete challenges various muscles throughout the body, the muscles increase in size (varies) and are more noticeable.  So when we exercise and add unique abdominal exercises into the ab workouts, BAM!!!…six pack washboard abs.

So what are some simple ab workouts?  Here are two different ab workouts full of easy to complex exercises that can be done to gain amazing six pack abs like an elite track athlete.

Simple six pack abs workout #1

3-5x 50 crunches with 1-2 minutes rest. (real simple)

Simple six pack abs workout #2

8 minute abs

How to do this ab workout:

The way to do this ab workout is to come up with a list of different types of abdominal exercises.  Then while using a stopwatch, perform each abdominal exercise for 30 seconds until you have made it 8 minutes.  Don’t be alarmed if you do not have a huge collection of abdominal exercises because you can always do the same one more than once.  Just be sure to spread the same abdominal exercises around the 8 minutes abs session.  To name a few different abdominal exercises you can do, try crunches, sit-ups, side crunches, V-ups, 90-degree knee heel touches, and front plank.

29 Different Ab Strength and Core Exercises (video)

Now that you have an idea of why track athletes have great looking abs and also nice looking bodies, use these simple workouts to improve your physique and help improve the look and strength of your abs.