How to dry your running shoes FAST!

How many times have you ran in the rain and later tried to dry your shoes only to find them damp the next morning?  Now that you have discovered your damp running shoes, you realize that your early morning run just became even less desirable.  This is a pretty common problem many runners face when it comes to drying their running shoes but it doesn’t have to happen to you.

Another problem runners might run into with drying their shoes is that they end up damaging them or they might make their shoes smell worse.   This can be a terrible problem because shoes are expensive, and nobody wants to dish out a hundred dollars for a pair of shoes every month because their drying efforts ruined their nice running shoes.

Use a fan to dry your running shoes

When drying your running shoes after a rainy day of fun running, be sure to take the insoles out of the shoes if they are removable.  Then place the wet running shoes and insoles directly in front of a high speed fan somewhere on the floor in an area that won’t be in the way of anyone.  If you have carpet or any other floor surface you do not want to ruin, you can place the wet running shoes on a dark towel or boot tray.   The fast moving air flow from the fan will flow through and around the fabric of the running shoes and dry them in no time.

The sooner you do this process, the sooner your shoes will be dry.  If you are not interested in monitoring the dryness of your running shoes, you could do this at night and the shoes will dry while you sleep.


Drying methods to stay away from


Do not put your running shoes in the dryer!

Putting your running shoes in the dryer only adds more pounding mileage to your shoes and can potentially damage your dryer (and shoes).  Not to mention, the loud banging noises from the shoes bouncing around in the dryer is annoying enough as is.  Also, the heat can increase the odor factor in the shoes.

Do not use a hair dryer to dry your running shoes!

Trying to use a hair dryer to dry your running shoes is a waste of time and electricity.  Not to mention, it is potentially dangerous.  Leaving a pair of wet running shoes unattended with a hair dryer stuck in them could be a fire hazard not only for your running shoes, but your home as well.  Plus, the heat can increase the odor factor in the shoes.

Do not put your running shoes out to dry in the sun!

Drying your running shoes is easy if you put them outside on a sunny day, but this method can fade or dry out your shoes and decrease the life of them quickly.  After a few sun drying attempts and you’re back at the shoe store sooner than you thought only to buy another expensive pair or running shoes when you could have dried them with a fan and kept them longer.