Scott Carhoun

Scott Carhoun Profile PictureMy name is Scott Carhoun and I am a certified coach through USA-Weightlifting, USTFCCCA Track & Field Academy, and the USA-Track and Field Organization (level 1 and 2). I have nine years experience coaching at the high school level and five years coaching at the collegiate level.

While earning my degree in Physical Education and Health from Northern Michigan University, I excelled in exercise physiology and anatomical kinesiology and took full advantage of learning from coaches with the United States Olympic Education Center (USOEC).

At the end of the day, athletics and coaching give me great personal satisfaction.  I enjoy leading a healthy lifestyle and sharing my knowledge with others.  I have had success in training high achieving athletes and feel that I am able to bring out their potential due to my genuine passion for self-improvement through sport.

Why I created Track Star USA

Reason #1:  Throughout high school, I was always looking for those special ingredients that would allow for me to reach my performance goals.  The only problem was that the information was available, but most of it came with a hefty price.  Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford to send me to track camps and clinics to improve my track performances and this is one of the reasons why I created Track Star USA.  My promise to you is my commitment to providing helpful information and affordable coaching services so you don’t have to pay a fortune somewhere else to get the same results.

Reason #2:  Before a career ending knee injury , I had finally discovered the secrets to preparing, training, and racing at levels I had only dreamed of.  For example:  I had spent an entire indoor season training with the mid distance group and raced a handful of 800m times around 2:02-2:03.  I was not happy with my times, and the problem I had was that nobody taught me how to actually race the 800m (first season running the 800m) and I kept treating it like a 10k.

After that season I was able to learn how to properly prepare, train, and race, and my 400m times were in the 48’s and my 300m, 500m, and 600m SE-1 and SE-2 workouts had me at an 800m potential of 1:50-1:52. Due to a career ending knee injury (4 surgeries), I never had the opportunity to put the 1:51 on paper in a sanctioned track meet.  If I had discovered these secrets sooner, I am 100% certain I would have met my true performance potential.

My injuries have been the biggest psychological battle for me in my life and it’s mainly because I am a competitor. Not because I like to win, but because I always wanted to see what my body was capable of. However, through these experiences and missed opportunities, I have since then turned them into motivation and strengthened my passion for coaching and the development of Track Star USA.


Through this process, it gives me great pleasure knowing that I am providing a service for those who believe in hard work, training smart, and taking their performances to levels that other athletes only dream of.