Free Track Workouts

Here at Track Star USA we want you to have the necessary workouts to improve your performance no matter if you are a distance runner or a sprinter, and the best part…these track workouts are free!  That’s right!  FREE!!!  Even though these workouts are free, they are the same kind of workouts you would see a D1 college use for their track programs.

We want you to have the best opportunity to improve in your track event and with these free track workouts you will be able to gain an advantage over your competition.  Track Star USA is committed to helping all track and field athletes and understands how difficult it is to come across free and unique track workouts.  If you wish to continue the tradition of maintaining dominance in USA athletics and most specifically track and field, we recommend that you try these free workouts and increase your performance to levels your competition only dreams of.

Use the event specific workout links below to help train the right energy system and maximize your potential in your events.  Be sure to follow the prescribed distances and recoveries for best results.

IMPORTANT: If you try to change the workout and run at a different pace, run further or shorter than the prescribed distance and/or cut the rest short (boredom or rushing), you will change the component of the workout and no longer be training the correct energy system that your workout was intended to train.


 Click on the links below for free track workouts for sprinters

Free 100m Workouts

Free 200m Workouts

Free 400m Workouts


 Click on the links below for free track workouts for distance runners

Free 800m Workouts

Free 1600m Workouts

Free 3200m Workouts


What kind of results can you expect from these track workouts?

The majority of the free track workouts offered by TrackstarUSA are the same workouts that coaches use at the jr. high, high school, club, college and elite level. If these free track workouts are done correctly and at the right time in your training program, you can expect to see great improvements in your track performances.